Admiration fills veteran storyteller's final chapter

In his late 80s, the former professor and writing coach for newspapers such as The Los Angeles Times has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He has decided against treatment and is on home hospice care in Los Osos.

San Luis Obispo to pursue rental housing inspection program

San Luis Obispo’s proposed rental inspection program will insure compliance with state and local housing, building, fire and zoning codes.

College of Business ranks in Bloomberg Businessweek’s top business schools

Bloomberg Businessweek starts out with a list that includes any U.S. school offering a business degree that has asked to be considered for ranking, or that has been eligible in the past.

PolyPhonics, Arab Music Ensemble to take Carnegie Hall stage

PolyPhonics and Cal Poly’s Arab Music Ensemble are set to play Carnegie Hall this month.

Meet the bronies and pegasisters

The club members are mostly juniors and seniors, because they joined the club as freshmen when it was first created. About 75% of them are men.

IRS increases funding to campus taxpayer clinic

Last year the program received $45,000, and this year it almost doubled — even though Congress cut money overall.

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