Making it KeyZ

Mechanical engineering sophomore Elan Timmons has been an inventor since he was seven years old. His first invention involved a pedal that was connected to the locking mechanism on his door so he could open it without using his hands.

Farmgram: from Start-up to Kickstarter

Local is the essence of Farmgram, from the idea to the product. Funding is the only outsourcing Cal Poly students Tessa Salzman, Tyler Thomas and Adrian Godby are using for their business idea.

Local clothing designer trucks on

Phil Hurst’s garage isn’t full of cars or exercise equipment. Inside, one finds T-shirts — lots of them.

Crowd funding: A new direction for democracy

Zachary Antoyan is a political science junior and Mustang Daily liberal columnist. Strap in, I’m about to make taxes awesome. Functionally, we pay taxes to fund our government and its works. Federal, state and municipal taxes provide the necessary sum…