Breaking down the Master Plan, part four: Enhanced Learn By Doing

From moving facilities to replacing those overused classroom chairs and desks.

Recent study proves Cal Poly work in Peru a success

Cal Poly’s Learn By Doing philosophy stretches farther than just the San Luis Obispo campus. Every summer, it’s practiced by students in Peru.

LAES escape room project: A gamer’s dream

To all the gamers and adventurists out there who have dreamed of jumping into the screen and solving the murder mystery, saving the city or cracking the puzzle in an “Indiana Jones” movie — your time has come.

California drought scorches Learn By Doing

While the drought has prevented students from gaining practical experience, it hasn’t stopped students from wanting to learn by doing.

‘Earn By Doing’ nothing new at Cal Poly

Is the increased focus on earning while at Cal Poly a recent development? A look through Cal Poly’s history shows that “Earn By Doing” is hardly a new idea.

Cal Poly seeks student opinion on Learn By Doing commons project

The Learn By Doing commons — an idea proposed by Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong — would be a place for students of all majors in the six academic colleges to collaborate through hands-on interdisciplinary learning experiences.