Sophomore forward Jordan Lewis makes “poetry” on the basketball court

Jordan Lewis is quickly becoming one of the go-to players on the Cal Poly men’s basketball team this season thanks in part to his drive and work ethic.

Local students hope to blur lines of homelessness with potluck dinners

The student members of Finer Things Thursday enjoy potluck dinners and friendly conversation with the homeless every Thursday at Mitchell Park.

Students blend musical styles with release of first album

Pacific City has run into their share of problems. From disagreements on the band’s musical style to the departure of band members, the road has been bumpy. Now with the release of their first album on iTunes and online, the group of Cal Poly students is excited to finally share their love of music with fans.

World Poetry Slam Champion headlines Another Type of Groove

Award winning poet and World Poetry Slam Champion Joaquin Zihuatanejo will be the featured poet at the MultiCultural Center’s Another Type of Groove (ATOG) event tonight.

University Jazz Bands blend classical and modern styles in fall quarter concert

A wide range of jazz styles, student compositions, and musical improvisations are just some of the treats the University Jazz Bands hope to entertain students and music lovers with at their quarterly concert tomorrow night.

Summer quarter tuition change looks to graduate seniors and decrease student population

Summer classes will have to pay for themselves 100 percent in order to be offered this year, a change from previous summers. To support this, Cal Poly and 21 of the 23 California State University (CSU) campuses will shift to a self-support tuition plan.

Cal Poly men’s basketball

An introduction to the Cal Poly men’s basketball team featuring new head coach Joe Callero.

Bomb scare evacuates UPD

The University Police Department was evacuated after calling the bomb squad when a backpack was found outside Police Chief Bill Watton’s office at 8:30 a.m. today.

Women denied health insurance because of sexual attacks

In the United States, a sexual assault or rape happens every two minutes and 60 percent of the incidents are never reported to the police. In 2007, 248,300 sexual assaults were reported.

Students help out during holiday season

In the few weeks before Thanksgiving students around town and on campus have been lending a hand and donating resources to help out those in need. Many people get into the spirit of donating because of the season, but these students felt compelled to help out in the general spirit of wanting to aid the community.

BLOG: Callero’s elementary lesson

Callero encourages the players to slap hands with each other after a free throw, when leaving or entering the court or to say ‘good game.’