Discussion of public option necessary for health care reform

I am a granola-crunching, free-trade coffee gulping, socially conscious, 70’s rock n’ roll Jesus Freak. I am a liberal, in part because I like my politicians honest, and despite Rep. Joe Wilson’s (R-SC) outburst during the President’s Address to Congress Sept. 9, Barack Obama hasn’t lied yet.

Republican camp dwindling as moderates walk to Dems

The emerging Republican Party is all or nothing, and as a result we should expect more moderate Republican politicians and free thinkers to begin changing the letter after their names too.

Torture memo raises question of legal proceedings

Some believe that advocating against harsh interrogation techniques like waterboarding is irresponsible, possibly putting innocent Americans in harm’s way. Others believe that torturing people is unethical and contrary to American ideals.

Modern-day tea party shows absurdity is brewing

I am amused by absurdity in society, and this week I received from the conservative movement a gift abounding in absurdity: Wednesday’s Tax Day Tea Party. The 1733 Boston Tea Party was an important foundational event for America.