Political scandals are a zero-sum game

Last week, in a week which presented a multitude of so-called scandals within the Obama bureaucracy — one of which, perhaps, even meriting the designation of actual scandal — what must be the right’s first opportunity for a lucrative argument…

Clinical evidence suggests conservative intelligence

Last February, the conclusions of a study conducted by Brock University in Ontario, Canada, appeared in “Psychological Science,” the highest-ranked and most prestigious empirical journal in psychology today. The journal is often responsible for bringing to light the most interesting…

Singin’ the blues of direct democracy

Last week, as I was reading through the editorials in the Wall Street Journal, I found one article that caught my eye. It was titled “The Blue Men Group” and was about how three of the most liberal (i.e. blue)…

In light of Senate loss, Dems should ask: what would Wilberforce do?

If Wilberforce had settled with his detractors for an abolitionist bill which merely decried the slave trade and did nothing to ameliorate those conditions, history would not have remembered him.

Health care reform funds should not go toward abortion

Abortion is a hot button issue of the Republican party during elections and it’s also their hook into the Christian community.

FOX News is lying to its viewers

Last week, there was one legitimate criticism of my column. Just one. I should have included lies and conservative commentary made by FOX News’ straight news anchors as well as lies made by their pundits.

FOX News is not a legitimate news source

Members of the Obama administration defended White House communications director Anita Dunn’s statement that FOX News operates “almost as either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party.”

U.S. Government lacks moral authority on human rights since public option has yet to pass

While we uphold human rights as tenets in our involvement overseas, does our government give human rights an equally essential place in domestic policy?

Obama’s alleged indecision is actually calculated response

E.A. Robinson’s poem was written shortly after the Civil War from the perspective of those who opposed President Lincoln, and I think it beautifully echoes the current political climate in America.

Senate Democrats forgot constituents

Edward R. Murrow, regarded as one of the greatest journalists in history, once said, “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” Government, at times self-serving and corrupt, needs supervision and a well-informed, active public to keep it in order.

Government must expand so citizens aren’t left behind

This could be the most exceptional or disappointing political year in recent history. Because of health care reform, Americans have an opportunity to join the rest of the industrialized world in providing universal health care.