Cal Poly Democrats and Republicans engage in debate

Students seated themselves along a spectrum of how they identified politically. No one person’s attitude completely reflected that of the political party they affiliated with or all the members of each club.

Say hello to the dirtiest Congress history has ever seen

While the House majority has been busy carrying on the legacy of its predecessors, Senate Republicans have managed to find the time to confront the work they were sent to Washington for in the first place: to bolster a recovering economy and promote continued job growth.

Rebuilding your idea of politics

Zachary Antoyan [follow id=”CPMustangNews”] Zachary Antoyan is a political science senior and Mustang News liberal columnist. These views do not necessarily reflect the opinion or editorial coverage of Mustang News. Last week, I identified and defended a conservative attitude. Blasphemy,…

Government regulation: revolving doors that go ’round and ’round

Government regulation — it’s as if during the World Series the umpires were all former players of the Royals, the Royals franchise was paying them and they were all wearing royals uniforms while umpiring.

Job creation isn't a sufficient justification

Ian Billings/Staff Photographer “At what point has the creation of jobs become the trump card of selling points for us to not fully evaluate a proposal where job creation is a secondary benefit of the plan?” Zachary Antoyan [follow id…