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Healthy snacks that have your back: Cal Poly senior creates a snack business

Before going to college, business administration senior Sophia Shapiro was diagnosed with several eating disorders, as well as anxiety and depression. With few people talking about their mental health issues, Shapiro felt no one else was going through what she was. 

It wasn’t until she began posting on social media about her journey that she realized she was not alone.

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Senior Project Spotlight: A mental health app designed by college students, for college students

When computer engineering senior Alyssa Liu left for college, her little sister gave her a shoe box filled with letters. Each letter had instructions for when she was supposed to open it; one was for when she missed home, another for when she got her first bad grade. Whenever Liu was feeling down or overwhelmed, she turned to the shoebox for comfort.

That shoebox became the inspiration for Foveo, an app that Liu and her team are working on developing as their senior project to help college students who suffer from mental illness.