Students raise awareness about the Middle East

It’s easy to lose sight of the rich cultural history of the Middle East with political tumult dominating the region, but Cal Poly’s Students for Justice and Peace in the Middle East have created a week dedicated to Middle Eastern…

Speculation and unrest: setting the price of gasoline

A comprehensive breakdown of the factors that cause gas prices to rise.

The domino effect of revolution in the Middle East

Andrew Nenow is a wine and viticulture sophomore and Mustang Daily conservative columnist.

Al Jazeera documentary draws crowd of more than 100 viewers

Students for Peace and Justice in the Middle East (SPJME) presented the Al Jazeera documentary, “The Promised Land?”, which details the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to over 100 CP students Wednesday evening.

“Iraq in Fragments” highlights internal conflict

Students for Justice and Peace in the Middle East show “Iraq in Fragments” to raise awareness of an overlooked issue.