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Kinesiology students adapting darts for disabled use

A unique senior project group made up of kinesiology and engineering students spent the entire school year developing Adaptive Darts.

Mustang Daily vs. KCPR softball game

Check out the video by Mustang Daily reporter Amber Kiwan on the softball game between the Mustang Daily staff and Cal Poly’s radio station, KCPR.

Budgeting with billion dollar cuts

Governor Jerry Brown presented the May Revision of the California budget May 16.

A cappella group to perform pop favorites Thursday

Student a cappella group That’s The Key will perform at the College of Science and Mathematics Ambassadors fundraiser Thursday night.

BLOG: Limiting qualities of unlimited news media

If information is power, then it must be a good thing that these days it is not only reaching us faster, but it’s also reaching more of us.

From stunt team to student government

While success does not seem too far out of reach for the newly-elected president, until she officially takes office on June 20, she said she is exactly the person her campaign platform said she is: a regular student.

Chef combines science and engineering to create unique foods

Drahos will give a presentation today on the history and future of molecular gastronomy as well as molecular demonstrations of items like fruit spaghetti and caramel powder.

Two-sport athlete makes time for ‘wife’ and ‘mistress’

“The way I see it, football is my wife and track is my mistress,” Houston said. “Football is what I came to college for. I love the physicality of it and how every play can be a big play.”

Poly Canyon Village gets gold star

The design firm behind Cal Poly’s newest student housing, Poly Canyon Village, received an award for “Best New Development” from the Student Housing Business Magazine last week.

Annual poetry contest now accepting submissions

The 2011 Academy of American Poets contest for Cal Poly, sponsored by the English department, is now accepting submissions of original poetry in honor of National Poetry Month.

Speculation and unrest: setting the price of gasoline

A comprehensive breakdown of the factors that cause gas prices to rise.