Failing your New Year’s resolution? Don’t worry, everyone else is, too

If you have already nixed your New Year’s resolution to lose weight, don’t sweat it. Experts say many diets are actually destined for failure when approached in certain ways.

Word on the street: Keeping up the New Year's resolution

Don’t feel so bad about giving up those green smoothies after a few days and going back to waffles. Everyone’s doing it.

New year, new goals: Keeping your resolutions

Wouldn’t it be nice to make a New Year’s resolution that lasted longer than three days? If you pick something simple and actively work at it instead of trying to change overnight, it’s possible.

Celebrate the new year with a pint of Celebration Ale

I have resolved to try at least one new beer every week of the quarter and then share my experiences with you, the reader of this article. Sounds awesome, right?