No furniture on the roof

Amanda Margozzi Though students living off campus may grumble that San Luis Obispo’s housing ordinances are too strict and unusual, city officials promote them for more than beautification reasons. Neighborhood services specialist for the city of San Luis Obispo…

Quiet down, San Luis Obispo

The City of San Luis Obispo has been a bit quieter than in years past, according to city law enforcement. This is due to two recent modifications of the city’s noise ordinance, approved two years ago by the San Luis Obispo…

SLOcal laws to look out for

Students should be aware of the following San Luis Obispo ordinances and what each entails. For more information, contact the University Police Department at (805) 756-2281. Noise Ordinance A tenant or property owner(s) is in violation of the Noise Ordinance if…

SLOcal laws to know

New and returning students should be acquainted with local laws before beginning the new academic year. This way the unfortunate encounter with the “five-0” can be delayed or avoided completely.

Unruly gathering law passed

The San Luis Obispo City Council voted overwhelmingly in favor of the “unruly gathering” ordinance after meeting with little opposition from those present at Tuesday night’s meeting.

BLOG: Is that noise necessary?

With the new noise ordinance being enforced, many students I’ve interviewed said they felt they have become the target for police. A common opinion was that this is a college town and that older working residents should know what to expect living amongst students or just driving up Hathaway on a Friday night.

Stricter noise ordinance to be enforced beginning Friday

New noise ordinance to be enforced starting Friday.