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Occupy finally finds direction

It was easy for a lot of different people to chastise the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Most media outlets were instantly skeptical, Republicans finally had a liberal splinter group they could berate to take the heat off of their Tea Party, and even Stephen Colbert tried to provide some directional aid.

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Panel breaks down Occupy Wall Street movement

A panel of professors spoke about the Occupy Wall Street movement Tuesday in Chumash Auditorium. Religious studies professor Stephen Lloyd-Moffett said in light of the recent movement’s spread to cities throughout the world, the professors looked to address the situation. “My understanding of the role of education is to make you a better citizen,” Lloyd-Moffett […]

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Protestors act quick to 'Occupy SLO'

Armed with signs, slogans and even a pitchfork, residents of San Luis Obispo took to the streets to protest on Wednesday. A group of approximately 50 residents gathered on the steps of the downtown courthouse to show their support for the Occupy Wall Street movement 3,000 miles away in New York City. The protest, informally […]