15 -Minute update: Flu season hits Central Coast, Open Mic for Autism, and a new club on campus: SLIME

Mustang News anchors Emma Withrow and Kayla Berenson have today’s top stories.

Loverspeak 2015 showcases ‘Fifty Shades’ of love

Sometimes a clever Amazon review can have more literary merit than a widely read novel that sold more than 450 million copies.

KCPR to live broadcast Nov. 13 open mic night

The event is free and open to anyone, but it’s aimed at freshmen and sophomores living on campus.

KCPR, PAC Outreach to hold open mic event

Melissa Nunez [follow id= “melissaenunez”] KCPR, Cal Poly’s student-run radio station, is presenting its third Open Mic Event at the Christopher Cohan Performing Arts Center (PAC) on April 17 alongside PAC Outreach. “I work at the PAC backstage and was…

SLOlio, a gathering of true stories and community

Humans have been gathering to tell stories since the dawn of time. From campfires to dinner parties, the art of storytelling has been transformed from explaining why things are the way they are to personal experiences that have shaped the person you are.

KCPR aims at accessibility with open mic

Cal Poly’s radio station, KCPR, is hosting an open mic event in the Christopher Cohan Performing Arts Center Pavilion on Oct. 17 as part of its new push to become more student-friendly.