Holocaust Remembrance day offers opportunity for reflection

Between 1939 and 1945, six million Jews were brutally murdered in Europe. Their crime? Being Jewish.

Easter Bunny makes religious holiday a ‘hare-y’ situation

The Easter Bunny demeans the importance of a religious holiday by promoting consumerism.

Students flock to familiar study spot during finals

It boasts being voted the “Best Study Spot.” Who voted it the best study spot? The best study spot out of where?

Spruce up your winter break by volunteering

I realize most of us are penny-pinching, struggling college students surviving off dollar store pasta and Costco pizza, so I’m not asking that you empty your bank account into the nearest Salvation Army collection tin. Instead, I urge you to sign up to volunteer.

Women denied health insurance because of sexual attacks

In the United States, a sexual assault or rape happens every two minutes and 60 percent of the incidents are never reported to the police. In 2007, 248,300 sexual assaults were reported.

Keeping quiet while having fun

My next-door neighbor was having particularly loud sex. It took even less time to close my window and turn up my television so I didn’t have to hear it, but her bed was still banging against our shared wall.

How hard is it to send an e-mail?

On a rainy Tuesday, I left home for my 9 a.m. class with a warm coat and umbrella in tow. I joined the crowds of hooded and self-sheltered students shuffling from over-hang to covered hallway on the journey to class.

Last Friday in print marks Daily’s transformation

June 5 is the last printed Friday edition of the Mustang Daily. Like any media organization, the student newspaper of Cal Poly has changed a lot since its creation as The Polygram in 1916, but regardless of how information looks, the Daily is dedicated to quality content.

Letter: consider the possibility of satire

I also have to address the inability of the English majors on this campus to recognize Ryan Moriarty as what he is and for what he is doing. As a fellow physics major, I am saddened by your inability to see other possibilities. My first thought is that perhaps Ryan Moriarty’s opinions are just too far out there.

Letters: “Globalists trying to save the world” and other letters

Colin McKim, are you really that dense? Do you honestly believe there is a secret organization of so-called “globalists” that are attempting to infiltrate …