Mustang News, Jan. 14, 2014: Greeks on social probation, awaiting party registration agreement

Mustang News anchor Ashley DeVriend recaps today’s biggest news at Cal Poly.

Mustang Minute: Skateboarding on campus

Ashley DeVriend talks to students about skateboarding policies on campus.

EE grading guideline disappears

A controversial grading policy was voted down in the electrical engineering department during spring quarter.

Cal Poly to make room for serious students

Cal Poly is now operating with new policies issued from the CSU Chancellor’s office that limit the number of incomplete, withdrawal, and repeat grades students can accumulate per academic record.

Despite government hypocrisy, grass could be greener on the legal side

Federal policy states that marijuana has no medical benefits. It is illegal for anyone, without the government’s approval, to research marijuana’s effects. Yet, for more than 30 years, the government has been dispensing marijuana to patients in order to study its medical uses.