Oh the Places You'll Go! (On The Internet) #2

Because I liked the first so much, here’s a second installment of Oh the Places You’ll Go (on the Internet!). These are five places I find fun or interesting, or even both. It’s all subjective opinion, so you’ll just have…

Oh the Places You'll Go! (On the Internet) #1

I’m not quite sure what the Chief wants me to write. We were kind of given free reign when it came to writing our blogs. Since my blog is about the internet, I have a problem with coming up with…

SLOpnessmonster attacks Cal Poly

Cal Poly is one of the schools to have its own section on the new website Slopnessmonster.com, which features pictures of the positions intoxicated students can end up in.

Sit down, click in and tune out

Here is a list of 10 procrastination websites that will make minimizing assignments and maximizing browser windows a cinch. Let the procrastinating begin.