Why your music sucks: Rap edition

Rap music is meant to be lyrically driven, a steady beat behind the powerful voice of a poet who speaks to an audience entranced by each melodic syllable escaping the speaker’s mind. Unfortunately, we’ve reached a point where this is no longer the case.

RL Grime sells out The Graduate

Get ready for a late night and a packed house.

Atmosphere gives Rec Center ray of "Sunshine"

Hip-hop duo Atmosphere took on the Rec Center this past Thursday.

Mistah F.A.B raps his way to Rock 'N' Flow stage

Rapper Mistah F.A.B. is one of the performers at the third annual Rock ‘N Flow festival on April 26.

Hip-hop duo Zion I to return to SLO

Hip-hop duo Zion I is returning to San Luis Obispo with a show at SLO Brewing Co. on Jan. 26.

Action Bronson demands your attention

It should say something that a 5’7″ overweight Albanian American with a ragged red beard draws continual comparisons to Ghostface Killah. Rap-wise, if not aesthetically, it’s a fair assessment, but it’s safe to say there’s nobody in the rap game quite like Action Bronson.