Website helps students keep sharp when looking for houses

Looking for a place to live in San Luis Obispo can be hard, but Cal Poly students created a new website to help make house-hunting a little less difficult.

Individual rights activist speaks at Cal Poly

Adam Kissel of FIRE, an individual rights protection organization, spoke on campus about the rights that students have across the nation.

“Tale” explores human nature in shaken society

What would society be like if half the population was treated like an inferior race? If their civil liberties and basic human rights were taken away based on a physical trait?

Students march and chant for LGBTQ rights

About 30 Cal Poly students met at Mott Lawn today to march on behalf of LGBTQ rights

Everyone should be equal under the law

Thousands of gay activists exercised their right to free speech during a march from the White House to the Capitol, demanding that President Obama keep his word. Obama has promised to “end discrimination.”