The college textbook bubble

Why your textbooks are so expensive and what one Cal Poly student is doing to doing to change the status quo.

The science of attraction: How your body odor can get you more than a hug

The science behind physical attraction and what pressures are implied at a typically attractive university like Cal Poly.

Street Heat: The evolution of dance

Street Heat is a dance studio where people can train in both contemporary and hip hop style dance.

RECON enlists citizen scientists to explore the outer reaches of space

The Research and Education Collaborative Occultation Network (RECON) plans to enlist citizen scientists from around the western United States to measure Kuiper belt objects.

Cal Poly helps kids get psyched about science

Cal Poly has teamed up with Paso Robles School District to bring STEM to elementary school students.

Here’s how you could win $3,000 to bring your hero to campus

The second annual Open Science Café will be held in Spring 2015 — and you could choose who presents.

Symposium academic journal looks to evolve

Symposium is a Cal Poly student-run science and mathematics academic journal.