Today's Top 5: From Aoki arrest consequences to cacti-driven revolutions

Today’s top stories talk on-campus projects and potential changes for campus concerts.

After Aoki arrests, ASI reassesses concert safety

“At any given time — you know, those little drug baggies — there were, like, 50 on the ground.”

In Kontrol: Student duo opens for Aoki

Kelly Trom [follow id = “kttrom”] Two Cal Poly students had the opportunity to open for electro house musician Steve Aoki on Jan 31. Animal Kontrol, made up of communication studies senior Dillon Katz and alumnus Quin Donahue, took the stage…

Photos: Steve Aoki (c)akes on the Rec

Electro house musician Steve Aoki took the stage inside a packed Rec Center this past Friday night.

Mustang News Feb. 4, 2014: Arrests made at Steve Aoki, Cal Poly aims to increase cultural awareness

Ashley DeVriend [follow id= “ashleydevriend”] Mustang News anchor Ashley DeVriend covers today’s top stories at Cal Poly.

14 arrested, 6 hospitalized during Steve Aoki concert

Six of those arrested and five sent to the emergency room were Cal Poly students.

Steve Aoki brings down the (electro) house

The doors would open any minute, and anticipation was tense. Associated Students, Inc. and event staff ran around the Recreation Center’s main gym like chickens with their heads cut off, blowing up balloons, adjusting decorations and deciding how to avoid a stampede when it was time to remove the barricades for the horde of impatient Steve Aoki fans outside.

Steve Aoki to take 'flight' at the Rec Center

Steven Hiroyuki Aoki, aka Steve Aoki, will shake up the Recreation Center Friday night, electrifying the main gym’s stage with electro house music, snow machines and an assortment of cakes.