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1. After Aoki arrests, ASI reassesses concert safety


The aftermath of Steve Aoki’s performance at Cal Poly in January, which consisted of 14 arrests and 6 hospitalizations — including one for head trauma — caused Cal Poly administrators to take a closer look at on-campus concert safety.

2. Professor’s green thumb could revolutionize biomedical and packaging industries


A team headed by materials engineering professor Trevor Harding and made up of chemistry professor Hasan Palandoken, mechanical engineering professor Thomas Mackin and a group of six undergraduate students is bringing to life a project that will change biomedical procedures and packaging industries.

3. Cal Poly baseball gets down with its walk-up songs


Walk-up songs: What gets the Cal Poly batters pumped up.

4. Luna Red satisfies hunger for a pretty penny


If you’re looking for a dining experience and have been eating cheap for a while, try the small and elegant Luna Red.

5. ‘Why are vaginas important to you?’


One hundred Cal Poly men answered this question for the Gender Equity Center’s VMEN video that premiered on Feb. 27 to raise awareness about V-Day, an organization that aims to end violence against women and girls, as well as the negative connotations that follow the idea of feminism.

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