Is studying 25-35 hours a week realistic?

“You would get A’s in all your classes if you studied 25-35 hours per week.”

Tuesday Tunes: May 20, 2014

It’s Tuesday of week eight. What is Cal Poly listening to to power through the week?

Tuesday Tunes: April 29, 2014

What music makes you feel like a thug?

The truth about guns: Regulation, attitudes, safety on campus

“This is the ‘evil’ AR-15, the one they are always trying to ban,” Dylan Hardy yells over the sound of firearms, aiming the device at a metal target. The shells fly in all directions each time a shot is fired.

Sleep on it: why students need shuteye

Sam Gilbert is a journalism sophomore and Mustang Daily health columnist. Week five really brings a plethora of emotions. Sure, we’re only five weeks away from the most beautiful season of the year, but we’re also dealing with the ugliest…

ASI: presidential candidates cannot be revealed prior to election campaigning

Mustang Daily Staff Report At least four students have confirmed they are planning to run for president of Associated Students, Inc. (ASI), but student government officials say they run the risk of being disqualified if their intentions appear in…

Governor Brown cuts CSU’s green

The California State University  system could undergo a $500 million budget cut, according to Governor Jerry Brown’s 2011-12 state budget proposal released Monday.

Diversity statistics missing from Cal Poly ‘Quick Facts’

Cal Poly’s “Quick Facts” page doesn’t offer information on the ethnic breakdown of the student body.

Students choreograph dance for show at Spanos Theatre

Hip-hop, modern and ballet are just a few of the styles featured in the annual student-run spring dance concert held on May 27 and 28 in Spanos Theatre. Titled “Element,” the concert is choreographed and performed by students.

President Baker hands out awards for community service

President Baker handed out awards for community service to students, faculty and community members Friday.