Recent study proves Cal Poly work in Peru a success

Cal Poly’s Learn By Doing philosophy stretches farther than just the San Luis Obispo campus. Every summer, it’s practiced by students in Peru.

Is studying 25-35 hours a week realistic?

“You would get A’s in all your classes if you studied 25-35 hours per week.”

Top 7 tips for finals preparation

Photos by Anne Knapke/Multimedia Journalist Aja Frost [follow id=”ajavuu”] Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and the line at Starbucks is even longer than usual — which means finals are in the air! If you’ve only made it to that…

Unconventional Study Spots

An audio slideshow that gives a look at some of the more unusual spots Cal Poly students study on campus. Locations View Unconventional study spots on campus in a larger map

Cal Poly to conduct largest campus health study

A research project initiated in 2007 by the Cal Poly kinesiology department, will examine the physical health of college students and their awareness.

BLOG: Hot sauce or expletives?

My mom followed the old adage of “use dirty language, wash your mouth out with soap,” with her own modern twist. She was concerned about what eating soap would do to her kids, so instead we were forced to drip spicy Tabasco sauce on our tongues. I can still remember the sting. It wasn’t until now that I learned swearing could actually help that pain.

A different kind of brew

It is no secret that I like a good brew. I mean, I practically threw a party at Spikes when I finished my “Around the World” card. But there are several other spots around San Luis Obispo that craft a…