Office of the Registrar: Inactive use of PolyPlanner will result in consequences

Although PolyPlanner’s demand data will first influence the Winter 2015 schedule, consequences for not using the tool will go into effect for the Fall 2014 registration cycle.

Cal Poly in support of CSU to amend engineering degrees’ unit counts

Cal Poly voted in support of the California State University Academic Senate to re-establish appropriate unit count limits for engineering majors during a meeting on Tuesday.

Student Success Fee still focuses on additional classes

For the next fiscal year, Cal Poly is expecting about $14.6 million in revenue through the Student Success Fee. Of that amount, approximately $9.2 million will be spent on additional classes,

The culture shock: Diversity of applicants and enrollees

Joseph Pack/Staff Photographer Minorities now make up 30.8 percent of the freshman applicant pool. Suha Saya [follow id=”suhasaya”] For some students, a familiar face is hard to find. If she hadn’t searched for diversity through different clubs and activities, business…

Office of the Registrar launches course planning tool

PolyPlanner — Cal Poly’s newest registration tool — is now available for students to use.

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences searches for new dean

Sophia Liu/Mustang News The College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences’ new dean is likely to serve the college for a long period of time. Associate Dean Richard Cavaletto said hopes the new dean will lead the effort to progression in the…

The major truth: Cal Poly's change of major policy

It was the policy she had a problem with, not the people.

Student input wanted on proposal to increase CLA college-based fee

Two open forums will be held for CLA student input on a proposal that would raise the college-based fee by $112 for full-time students and $56 for part-time students per quarter.

Cal Poly working toward lower unit counts

Zach Maher/Mustang News Cal Poly has been working toward reducing unit counts as much as possible, Associate Vice Provost for Programs and Planning Mary Pedersen said. Suha Saya [follow id=”suhasaya”] Cal Poly’s effort to decrease unit counts and increase graduation…

Administration says over-enrollment isn't the problem

While many are concerned about over-enrollment at Cal Poly, some believe that should be the least of worries.

Admin: Cal Poly's increase in applicants only good

“This increase in applications in no way has a negative impact,” Maraviglia said. “It just makes the admission process more selective.”