While many are concerned about over-enrollment at Cal Poly—especially due to last year’s enrollment numbers—some believe that should be the least of worries.

Over-enrollment isn’t the dilemma at Cal Poly, it’s maintaining faculty resources, Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment and Marketing Jim Maraviglia said.

“If you look at US News and World Report, the lowest category we are marked as a usually high-ranking university is faculty resources,” he said.

“We’re all concerned.”

Maraviglia indicated this problem was due to state funding in the past, but with Gov. Jerry Brown’s new proposal, Maraviglia hopes it will change soon.

“We’re slowly going to be stepping back up into a good place, but it’s going to take time,” he said.

In the mean time, Maraviglia applauded Cal Poly’s efforts to maintain stable.

“There needs to be kudos to both the Provost and the President because they’ve been doing and are currently doing everything they can regarding this matter,” he said.

-Suha Saya

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