Here’s how much you’ll be fined for parking violations

The city of San Luis Obispo and Cal Poly’s parking violation fees are similar in cost.

Police cracks down on distracted driving

Walking around campus, it is not particularly difficult to find someone just asking to have a run in with the law. Skateboarders cruise down Perimeter Road, bikers run through stop signs and hardly anyone obeys the 15 mph speed limit…

“Power Wheels guy” takes senior project to the streets

A picture of a student sitting in what appeared to be a children’s Power Wheels vehicle being ticketed by three San Luis Obispo Police Department motorcycles and one University Police Department SUV gained viral popularity on Twitter last week and was plastered on the front page of the Mustang Daily with a headline that read “Little wheels cause a big deal.” So what’s the real story behind this four-wheeled spectacle?