Cal Poly unit cap agreement reached

All the majors Cal Poly requested to go over 180 units were approved.

Cal Poly unit caps still uncertain, no response from Chancellor’s Office

Cal Poly has requested their engineering and science-based programs be exempt from the 180 unit cap.

Mustang News Weekly Newscast, May 29, 2014

Mustang News anchors Julian Del Gaudio and Mallory St. George recap Mustang News’ biggest stories this week.

Academic Senate could vote on engineering unit cap Tuesday

Cal Poly’s full Academic Senate will be debating merits of the engineering unit cap resolution Tuesday.

Mustang News, Jan. 23, 2014: Students react to greek probation, Governor declares official drought

Mustang News anchor Olivia DeGennaro recaps today’s biggest news at Cal Poly.

To cap, or not to cap

Kaytlyn Leslie A California State University (CSU) system unit cap — which limits the number of units a student can take per quarter to 16 — was only going to affect 1 percent of students at Cal Poly, according…

Leave our units alone, keep our graduation caps

Let’s put things in perspective: The 16-unit quarterly cap coming to Cal Poly is not the biggest problem students will face during registration. The vast majority of those who try to enroll for classes during Fall 2012 will fall under…

CSU unit cap to begin in fall

Thousands of students registering for Cal Poly classes next fall will see first-hand a new result of California’s budget woes: a 16-unit registration cap. A California State University (CSU) memo issued in early March will standardize a unit cap for…