The 180 unit cap was implemented by the CSU Chancellor's Office January 2013. | Mustang News File Photo

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After waiting some months for approval, several Cal Poly major programs have been allowed to exceed the 180 unit cap implemented by the California State University (CSU) Chancellor’s Office, according to an email sent to individual Cal Poly academic college deans and other faculty two weeks ago.

In 2013, the Chancellor’s Office issued an amendment on a California Code of Regulation Law — Title 5 — in which CSU campuses in the quarter system were expected to standardize all major unit counts to 180 units.

In response, Cal Poly’s Academic Senate sent in requests to make exemptions for certain majors they felt needed a higher count. They were all approved.

Here are the requested majors and their new unit counts:

  • Forestry and natural resources: 184 units
  • Software engineering: 187 units
  • General engineering: 186 units
  • Aerospace engineering: 190 units
  • Bioresource and agricultural engineering: 188 units
  • Architectural engineering: 196 units
  • Biomedical engineering: 192
  • Civil engineering: 190 units
  • Electrical engineering: 192 units
  • Computer engineering: 192 units
  • Mechanical engineering: 196 units
  • Manufacturing engineering: 192 units
  • Materials engineering: 184 units
  • Environmental engineering: 190 units
  • Construction management: 189 units

The email also stated 11 other CSU campuses have requested exemptions to the unit cap for some of their majors, 10 did not request anything and two — CSU Los Angeles and Cal Poly Pomona — have been given extensions to implement the cap since they are transitioning from quarter to semester systems.

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