Cal Poly reacts to alleged sexual assaults

Cal Poly students, faculty, staff and programs are seeing a quick response to the recent reported sexual assaults on and around campus.

Gender-neutral housing in works for Cal Poly

There is a gender-neutral policy in the works that would help lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students feel more at ease in their living situations on campus, as well as individuals who simply feel more comfortable rooming with the opposite sex.

Renting responsibilities vary for Cal Poly students

Finding a new place to call home for next year can be exciting — and daunting. The financial steps to rent a house, though intimidating, can easily be understood by anyone preparing to move into a new apartment or house.

Inside the ‘drug culture’ at Cal Poly

Before business administration student L even rolls out of bed there is one question she, and a growing number of other students, will answer — To smoke marijuana before school or wait until after?

Bed bugs found in dorms as recently as this past summer

Bed bugs have plagued the nation’s hotels, apartments and dorms for many years. Within the past year, the pests have infested Poly Canyon, Cerro Vista Apartments and Santa Lucia Hall.

Poly Canyon energy competition heats up

Taking long hot showers, doing small loads of laundry, and leaving a computer on all night are just some of the habits the Green Campus Program is encouraging students to eliminate in its first Poly Canyon Village Energy Competition.

Housing in debt despite increased revenue

Poly Canyon is expected to bring in approximately $14 million alone. But even with this additional money there is still a very large debt and many fees.