What to do with that criminal record before you graduate

As Cal Poly students, the vast majority of us have only had limited contact with law enforcement. However, there are a small number of us with some sort of significant criminal record.

Prop 19: legalization of marijuana may be on the horizon

The haziest day of the year could possibly be Nov. 2 when Proposition 19 could potentially legalize marijuana for those over 21.

Noise ordinances: fair to students or targeting the college population?

The noise ordinances in San Luis Obispo have made many students feel targeted while San Luis Obispo police felt it was a necessary step to help calm down the neighborhood.

Parking: Where does your money go?

Cal Poly parking permits have risen from $36 to $115 for a general fall permit since the 1999-2000 school year. The rise is to counteract expenses for parking structure construction, facility maintenance and contracts, administration costs and systemwide charges.

WOW makeover affects businesses, parents and partying

This year’s WOW program initiated some changes because of concerns over an increase in alcohol consumption throughout the week in the recent past.

Update: Two Cal Poly students assaulted on and near campus

Three men are were arrested in for the alleged crimes of assaulting and robbing two Cal Poly students last Saturday.

Busted Boarders: Skateboarders ticketed on campus

The University Police Department enforces the law for safety reasons, but not everyone agrees with the ban on skateboards.

Bomb scare evacuates UPD

The University Police Department was evacuated after calling the bomb squad when a backpack was found outside Police Chief Bill Watton’s office at 8:30 a.m. today.

UPD steps up bike enforcement

In the busy morning commute, a cyclist rushes on Truckee Road and Village Drive, near Diablo Hall, runs a stop sign, almost hits three or four pedestrians and cuts off a car before running another stop sign.

“Power Wheels guy” takes senior project to the streets

A picture of a student sitting in what appeared to be a children’s Power Wheels vehicle being ticketed by three San Luis Obispo Police Department motorcycles and one University Police Department SUV gained viral popularity on Twitter last week and was plastered on the front page of the Mustang Daily with a headline that read “Little wheels cause a big deal.” So what’s the real story behind this four-wheeled spectacle?