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Disability and Week of Welcome: How two WOW leaders worked to promote accessibility

Communications senior MW Kaplan attended Week of Welcome (WOW) in 2019, one year before WOW went virtual due to COVID-19. They said they are a multi-disabled person, meaning they have several disabilities that inhibit their daily functions. They have systemic illnesses that are considered to be medical disabilities, as well as mental and neurodevelopmental disabilities.  […]

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The experience we never got: A thank you note to third-year WOW leaders

Grace Schweitzer is a psychology junior and opinion columnist for Mustang News. The views expressed in this piece don’t necessarily reflect those of Mustang News. Two years ago, my fellow incoming first years and I found ourselves sitting behind computer screens, either stuck at home or sitting alone in their dorm rooms far from home during their […]

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Transfer students navigate college social life post-COVID-19

Transfer business administration junior Samuel Dea-huang sat down on his first day of classes, anticipating meeting new people. However, looking around the classroom and seeing numerous students talking with friends from previous years, Dea-huang said he realized being a transfer student might be harder than he expected. Dea-huang said he could only imagine what meeting […]

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“We want to grow”: WOW’s Cross-Cultural Experience is for more than the minority identity groups on campus

One month after Cal Poly hosted its Week of Welcome (WOW) orientation program for its incoming class, students reflect on the program’s Cross-Cultural Experience (CCE) option — one that students say is underadvertised yet impactful. The CCE program, a branch of WOW, launched in 2018 to give a comfortable space to Cal Poly students from […]

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Week of Welcome – another experience sophomores, or the forgotten class, were robbed of

Everyone in San Luis Obispo knows it. It’s the shiniest jewel on the Cal Poly crown – the unforgettable highlight of many of our students’ college careers – and one of the most well thought out and over-the-top orientation programs in the nation. Week Of Welcome (WOW), nationally ranked and rightfully so, epitomizes the idealized […]

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A look at Cal Poly’s Campus Comeback

Cal Poly’s award-winning orientation, or the Week of Welcome (WOW), introduces first-year students to campus through a week full of in-person activities and events. For incoming students last year, WOW was unable to take place in person, leaving many students without that same orientation experience. This year, Cal Poly introduced a new program – the […]

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Orientation leaders prepare for WOW and SLO Days online

Despite New Student and Transition Programs’ (NSTP) shift to a virtual spring training for orientation leaders, group facilitators kept the spirit of Tuesday night meetings alive. Facilitators’ role was to prepare leaders-in-training (LITs) to lead incoming students during SLO Days and Week of Welcome (WOW). From hosting LIT speed-dating icebreakers to sending videos of pets […]