Courtesy of Daniel Catelli

A cappella group Take it SLO performed its 14th annual spring concert “Revive” in the Alex and Faye Spanos Theatre June 3. This was the group’s first time in a space that size. The performance conveyed the revival theme with new members, songs and choreography.

“We named it ‘Revive’ because we thought it’s kind of like a new Take it SLO, it is kind of a revival,” business administration senior Daniel Catelli said.

With seven new members, the group expanded from previous years. Take It SLO moved to Spanos to accommodate more audience members, add more choreography and use lighting that wasn’t available in the choir room, the location of their previous shows. Even with all the changes, art and design junior Blake Silva said Take It SLO’s energy and community is stronger than ever before.

“I know that a huge goal for next year is that we want to keep putting out new stuff,” Silva said. “Take It SLO has become so habitual. We have the routine, we have the same repertoire, our set list is always the same. I think next year, it is such a big goal for us to continue to do new things and experiment and do that together.”

The show featured a new set list of songs including Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain,” Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time” and “How Far I’ll Go” from Disney’s “Moana.”

Preparations for “Revive” began during the first week of winter quarter.

Between rehearsals for the show, Take it SLO was accepted into the Los Angeles A Capella Festival (LAFF). Take It SLO was one of six chosen from the 18 groups that applied, and it was their first time competing at the festival. Though Take It SLO did not make it past the first round, they said they were happy to have the opportunity.

“We didn’t get far, but we got into the competition which is a big feat in itself,” art and design junior Kelsey Dunkelman said.

Next year, Take It SLO plans to compete at LAFF and the International Championship of Collegiate A Capella. They also want to record another EP after last year’s “SLO Motion, Part II” and pro duce their winter and spring concerts in addition to smaller events.

Amid all of Take It SLO’s accomplishments, members said the community within the group is what makes being involved worthwhile.

“Off the bat, Take it SLO was a community for me and every year it just gets better and better,” Silva said. “It is because we feel encouraged by finding friendships and community where we are at. Especially in something like singing, it can be so intimate. It is such a feel good, ‘do it because you love it’ kind of activity. When you have that in common with someone, there is nothing better.”

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