One foot in lab, another in temple: Computer science student juggles Carnatic singing career

“Sometimes when you go to certain temples it’s very, very crowded, but the second you tell them that you want to sing, they take you all the way up to the front where no one else can go and you get to sit there and sing in front of God.”

WATCH: KCPR Open Mic Night

Bands, musicians and comedians performed at KCPR’s Open Mic Night.

Take it SLO fine tunes for a new year

Chatter about Thanksgiving break bounced around the room as the members of Take it SLO gathered in the music building for one of the last rehearsals before winter break. Questions about holiday feasts, family and finals echoed through the choir room.

Autumn takes center stage at Cal Poly Choirs fall debut

Titled the “Sounds of Fall,” Cal Poly Choirs will take to the Performing Arts Center to perform various selections for their annual concert on Oct. 24.

“Glee” has potential to keep toes tapping

“Glee” is a show that appeals to very specific demographics: those who fell under the “High School Musical” spell, those who are actually in high school, and those who loved high school theater so much that they cannot get enough of the clashing cliques and constant drama.