Taqueria Santa Cruz's current location in San Luis Obispo is on Monterey Street. Carolyne Sysmans | Mustang News

Taqueria Santa Cruz Express is opening an additional location on Foothill Boulevard in University Square, between Pokirito and Dominoes Pizza. The new location is expected to be open by December 2018, according to co-owner Victor Hernandez.

This will expand the family-owned-and-operated business to four locations throughout California: two in Santa Cruz, California, and two in San Luis Obispo. The restaurants in San Luis Obispo are express versions of the two original sit-down restaurants in Santa Cruz., established in 1991.

Taqueria Santa Cruz is a favorite amongst locals and college students, as it is known for featuring authentic Mexican cuisine, with a side of chips and access to a salsa bar.

Taqueria’s new location will cater to the student crowd in San Luis Obispo, as it is a short walk from Cal Poly, making it more accessible for freshmen and other students without cars, compared to the original downtown location.

“I’m really excited for this,” communication studies senior Kaitlin Mastin said. “I love Taqueria Santa Cruz, but the line always takes so long, so this new location should help in that regard. Plus, this new location is within walking distance to campus.”

Carolyne Sysmans | Mustang News

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