Ryan Chartrand

As an alum of ASI student government, I feel responsible for educating voters about the organization and its role in the university. The president is the face of all 18,000 Cal Poly students. Whenever the city or university seeks student representation, the ASI president fills that seat. The ASI president however, is not the official legal voice of all 18,000 students. That power is reserved for the elected representatives, the Board of Directors. The president has no vote on the board. He/she can shape policy through a different branch, Executive Staff, which specifically works on issues related to the president’s platform.

My question for the voters is, who do you want representing you when President Baker solicits student concerns? Who will more accurately represent all 18,000 students and give them a voice?

For the last few years, committed students have been working diligently to break down the walls between ASI student government and the student body. Many attempts have failed and often student government perpetuates the stereotypical “boys club” image. If you’re in, your resume is set, if not . your voice carries no weight.

Matt Taylor is the most genuine individual I know. He has the character and integrity to bring ASI back to the students. He cares about student advocacy and accurate representation of your concerns. Matt has already had success in areas of graduation facilitation, campus sustainability, and community relations. Vote Matt Taylor in this Wednesday’s run-off election. Make [it] happen.

Adam Serafin
Business senior

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