When it comes down to choosing an ASI president today the choice for me is clear. Brandon Souza is an individual with an impressive track record of working for the students of Cal Poly. His platform stances on student academic success, facility improvements, and on and off campus safety, speak to his commitment to the students and their needs.

As a college council president, I believe that good communication between the six colleges and ASI is essential. After working with Brandon in his role as UUAB chair this past year, I am pleased to say his dedication to communicating with the students to find out what they want and need to improve their college experience in second to none. I have had the privilege of working with Brandon in several capacities both here at Cal Poly and in a high school organization and cannot stress enough that his dedication to the people he works with and the students he serves is evident in everything he does.

I am eternally impressed by his professional attitude, hard work ethic, integrity, and most of all, his ability to lead. For these and many other reasons, I hold no reservation in fully endorsing Brandon Souza for ASI president and I encourage Cal Poly students to go out today and do the same.

Melissa Lema
Dairy science sophomore

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