Integrity. Passion. Drive. Matt Taylor is the real deal. He is a candidate that doesn’t believe in personal (hidden) agendas. Through his actions it is obvious that Taylor values the student voice and is running for president to represent every student. This is not a popularity contest and he is not just another resume builder (my personal pet peeve). In the last couple of months Taylor has created a detailed plan on how to solve specific student issues in each college at Cal Poly. As a re-elected ASI Board of Directors member, I hope that Matt Taylor will become president because I know he deserves it. Yeah, sober rides downtown are a cool campaign idea, but what is Matt’s competitor doing about student issues in the long run? Those rides won’t be there next weekend or next year. Instead, choose a candidate that is actively working already (and has been all year) to effectively respond to students’ issues and is leading Cal Poly in the right direction. Vote for the candidate that is going to be there for his fellow students; Vote Matt Taylor. Don’t vote for a person with just “flashy” advertisements, vote for the best candidate, Matt Taylor. If you are voting for the other candidate, ask yourself “why?” and then go talk to Matt Taylor. You will know in 30 seconds why Matt is the better choice. Please, do us all a favor and vote Matt Taylor today. You won’t regret it!

Jessica Gibbons
Business administration senior

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