Ryan Chartrand

It’s with great pleasure that I thank the student body for their decisive action against the pernicious weed appearing on our places of study. It was most likely a freshman who took down the posters around the Spanos Theater attached to the side of the concrete recycling containers. I was on the bus and saw the spammer attaching the posters, and for the first time I wished I’d missed the bus.

Quite busy during the day, I went back to the spot hours later to tear at the glossy filth, but to my astonishment, it was clean! Someone removed them; it was clear of tape and poster – it truly exhibits the fact that people are again asking what they can do, not necessarily for their nation or even exclusively humanity, but for the commonwealth of every weave of the biotic cloth that so covers our globe.

As a warning, though, on the same day Building 10 and 22 were cleared of garbage, the premises were left for 15 minutes, upon return a regeneration to almost the same extent of the original was observed and also taken down. The only way to win a war is to admire your enemy, if not adopt some of their methods; they have today gained access to your e-mail account. I would advise posting fictitious advertising, “gorilla-art” type combat, could either disrupt their advance, beautify (with student creativity and humor) their site, and/or transform their territory into something that is in our own image.

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