Ryan Chartrand

Why, Cal Poly, must we have a registration system that allows freshmen, sophomores and juniors to have the same priority as seniors trying to graduate college? Shouldn’t you, like most other schools, implement a system that gives students with the most units first crack at those oh-so-hard classes for their last quarter in college?

Why, Cal Poly, must we celebrate a national holiday like President’s Day a different day than the rest of the United States? Shouldn’t we be a part of this American culture?

Why, Cal Poly, why can’t the professors of this college just create their own readers and stop the crippling cost of text books every quarter? Wouldn’t one well-written green book last for many quarters to come?

And finally, why, Cal Poly, why do we have such a great computer science department and such bad luck with our e-mail and registration systems?

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