Josh Hill and Matt Thompson at The Saucepot in 2018.

Alternative pop band The Bogeys performed for Cal Poly students via Instagram Live this Thursday. Associated Students Inc. (ASI) hosted the virtual concert as a way to emulate the live concerts that take place in the University Union plaza during spring quarter. 

The Bogeys’ lead singer AJ Absy said although they miss playing for in-person crowds, the band was happy to do the live performance for ASI because their previously planned gigs were canceled due to the shelter-in-place order. 

“It was really different [because] in-person shows are where we get the most people, but we have so much fun when it’s just the four of us in our rehearsal space anyways, so [we were] still able to enjoy just playing together,” Absy said. “With all of our gigs cancelled, anything helps right now.”  

Absy is a Cal Poly graduate and lives in San Luis Obispo. Guitarist Morgan Swanson still attends Cal Poly and also lives in San Luis Obispo. Band member Josh Hill resides in Nipomo and Ethan Chavez lives in Santa Maria. 

Although quarantine and living in different areas in SLO county have made rehearsing difficult for the band members, Absy said they’ve remained productive by using this time as an opportunity to work on their new debut album. He said quarantine has given them time to record video and audio for the first time, as well as play in a rehearsal space. 

Performing for ASI’s Live Stream gave them a similar opportunity. 

“[We got to] put [the show] in our own hands with our own style of production, so it was a great opportunity to practice live stream and that sort of thing. It was a fun little project to do because we got to set up the space and hire a cinematographer to get the good angles,” Absy said.  

According to Absy, the band started in October of 2016 after Absy moved into the Cal Poly Sailing house and met Sean O’Donnell, a previous member of The Bogeys. 

Absy said the band met each other “in a domino effect,” being connected by mutual friends and acquaintances. The band originally consisted of Cal Poly students and Whole Foods workers. 

The Bogeys classify their music as “alternative pop” and “surf rock,” but they emphasize that they’re very experimental. Their biggest inspiration is alternative band King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard because in Absy’s words, “they just make music that they want to make.” 

“They don’t let the sound of [their] music define the type of music they make,” Absy said. “We have that mentality — we write a song that we want to write and group them together to tell a story.”

The Bogeys have performed for ASI events in the past, so when ASI had the idea of a virtual concert, they immediately contacted The Bogeys. 

ASI Musical Entertainment Student Assistant Amber Olson organized The Bogeys’ virtual performance to continue providing students with entertainment during the online quarter. She said via email that she chose Instagram Live because it is easily accessible and guests can enter or exit the show whenever they want. 

ASI will continue to plan events for students in a virtual format throughout spring quarter. Upcoming events such as workout classes, arts and crafts challenges, and trivia can be found on the ASI event calendar.

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