Von Garcia Balanon | Mustang News; Photos | Unsplash.com
Von Garcia Balanon | Mustang News; Photos | Unsplash.com

After some crowdsourcing, this is number one stereotype my female friends and I have seen on dating apps. It is the first one they always mention and joke about. 

Boys, please explain it to us, what makes you think that you with a fish pic is attractive? If anything, it alludes to the idea that you might make me smell like fish after we hung out, if you understand what I’m getting at. 

Never have I seen a boy look so happy then when in these pictures. This guy’s other hobbies most likely consist of camping, hunting and flaunting his guns (and no, I do not mean his muscles.) Unfortunately, he is probably an avid supporter of the NRA and, most likely, our 45 POTUS. Also, heads up ladies, he will never smile as wide in any of your pictures together as he does in pictures with his latest catch.

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