Graphic of an Easter egg with a cash prize. Credit: Mustang News

After he blew up on TikTok under the handle @themindsetguyy, business administration freshman and president of the Mindset Club Justin Ho partnered with two sponsors to plan an Easter egg hunt on Dexter Lawn this Sunday. 

The Mindset Club will hide 1,104 little eggs containing $50-$100 across campus along with a grand prize egg containing $1,000.

Check-in for the hunt begins at 11:30 a.m. where Ho will explain the rules and provide hints, while the club’s seven other board members hide the eggs. At 12 p.m. Ho will start his TikTok video and the hunt will begin. 

This is the Mindset Club’s first major event. 

The club’s treasurer, economics freshman Luke Lopez, said the hunt is, “a good way to introduce ourselves and our values.”

The organization is focused on personal development, overcoming challenges and having a positive growth mindset, according to Lopez. 

The Mindset Club hosted their first meeting for students on Thursday, April 13 at 7 p.m. in the Business Silo. The meeting included a gift card giveaway and a special clue for the Easter Egg Hunt. 

In the future, Ho hopes to work with other sponsors to “make Cal Poly more fun,” he said. 

For upcoming events, Ho said he wants to do a $1,000 tag or a $10,000 capture-the-flag game. 

The Mindset Club is able to give out these large prizes thanks to its sponsors and Ho’s large media following.

Nick the Greek and Sprout Sticker are the two sponsors of the Easter Egg Hunt. 

Ho had a similar club in high school where he led his friends in mindset retreats, which he hopes to continue at Cal Poly.

They are meant to help students better their mindsets and will cost a fee.

The club is based on, “activities that revolve around goals and trying new things that people wouldn’t usually do,” Ho said.

Some of these goals will consist of social activities where participants have to go talk to five new people to step outside of their comfort zone. 

Ho said he wants to, “show them it’s ok to fail in life. It’s ok to make mistakes.”

The club will post more information regarding the hunt and future events on their Instagram.