Agricultural business junior Jake Rogers — who placed third in last week's Associated Students, Inc. presidential race — shared a handshake with Dean of Students Jean DeCosta after the results were announced. | Kassi Luja/Mustang News

Kait Freeberg
Special to Mustang News

Agricultural business junior Jake Rogers campaigned hard for Cal Poly students’ votes, but lost the Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) presidential race to political science senior Joi Sullivan. Now almost a week after the results were announced, Rogers has been reflecting on his future at Cal Poly.

Rogers has enough units to graduate this coming fall; however, he plans to stick around.

“It’s college, and you only get to do it once,” he said, “I want to be able to enjoy my life before I graduate.”

Rogers plans to take a few Cal Poly courses that he is interested in outside of his major, as well as a few more relaxed and entertaining classes Cal Poly has to offer, such as bowling.

Though Rogers won’t be representing Cal Poly as ASI president, he said he still wants to be involved in leadership opportunities, possibly with ASI.

“There are a few different options that will be open in the next few weeks, be sure to look out for something like that,” he said.

Rogers wants to be able to enjoy college for the next few quarters, he said. He plans on spending more time at the beach and participating in an “around the world” drinking challenge before he graduates.

Rogers works a job outside of being a student, which he may continue next year as well — it would just depend on what leadership doors open up for him, he said.

“You guys have not gotten rid of me yet,” Rogers said.

Former ASI presidential candidate Connor Paquin declined an interview on his future place at Cal Poly.

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