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The trampoline at the summit of the hike to Serenity Swing has disappeared, leaving hikers wondering who removed the elusive Cal Poly landmark. 

After rumors circulated last week, University Spokesperson Matt Lazier said Cal Poly administration was not responsible for the removal. While the Cal Poly Swimming and Diving Team has left trampolines near Serenity Swing before, it is unknown who added the last trampoline.  

Biomedical engineering senior and Hammock Club President Will Ward said he sees more people on the path to Serenity Swing when there is a trampoline.

“While I’ve been here, there have been two, maybe three trampolines up there,” Ward said.

Despite the trampoline being gone, hikers might be surprised by the addition of a second chain swing on the same tree. 

The hike to Serenity Swing is a 3.5 mile round-trip and has views of the Cuesta Grade and Cerro Romauldo.

Sydney Brandt | Mustang News

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