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While Cal Poly celebrated a victory against UC Santa Barbara Men’s Soccer on Sunday night, seven students ended their nights arrested for charges ranging from citizens assists to public intoxication.

A total of seven arrests were made at Alex G. Spanos Stadium, not including an estimated 30 to 50 fans that were removed from the venue by event staff for violations including throwing tortillas onto the field and attempting to bring tortillas into the stadium, according to University Spokesperson Matt Lazier.

Four of the arrests were alcohol-related incidents. The remaining arrests included one citizens assist and two administrative enforcement arrests, according to the University Police Department’s activity logs.

The arrests included three students who rushed the field during the game.

According to University Spokesperson Matt Lazier, the amount of arrests and alcohol-related incidents decreased compared to last year’s game.

Cal Poly Athletics took preventative measures before the game began, including a campus-wide email sent out Thursday, Sept. 27 announcing their strict policy against alcohol and other behavior they deemed inappropriate. The email cited removal from the venue as punishment for students who did not follow the policy.

“The university takes safety and security of its campus community very seriously and Cal Poly Police work closely with Athletics and event staff to ensure a safe event,” Lazier said.

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