Discmans are back. Or did they ever leave? It has come to my attention that people have no shame walking with discman in hand around campus. Riding my bike to school on Friday, I had not one, but two discman sightings. That same night, my friend’s backpack contained none other than a discman. When it was time to hit the pool this weekend, my roommate’s MP3 player was broken, so she relied on her good old trusty discman. And just Monday, riding back home from school, I saw a student rocking with the full on head phones (the ones you wear on the plane). I will admit, I’m not as confident as these loyal discman listeners. I often hide the auto player deep within my backpack and make sure no one is around before I take it out to put it on shuffle. So all you discman users, be proud. It’s OK not to have an iPod.

Krystine Gauthier

Graphic communications junior

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