Julianne Byer

So I’m sifting through newspapers and editorial clippings arguing about the Immigration Issue. Since when is it an issue? America is not suffering from an immigration problem- America IS Immigration.

But our mindset has changed. We as the red, white and blue collectively, have decided that the borders have been permanently drawn and the maximum quota has been filled.

Poor Bush. He has so many problems right now, what with Iran threatening nuclear warfare, and the fact that the National Anthem has been altered and, gasp, written in SPANISH?!?

Do you think someone should tell him that we have an English version of Mexico’s national anthem, or is he so far up on his golden throne that we little people down here can’t be heard because our voices are all meshing together?

I think the reason Americans are so split on the issue is because we have a hard time accepting that people might actually be better off here. If we realize this, then we might have to start going into these countries and helping people build lives and communities that they can actually be comfortable with, and don’t feel the need to run away from. It could then turn into a very long and circular process.

The problem I have is that we’re dealing with illegal immigrants, not ones that have been put on a waiting list for 5 years. And then to realize that I’m only left with two options: Let them all in, or don’t let any of them in? Is that really what all of this arguing and protesting has come down to? Since when are Americans no longer a multi-national breed?

And of course we all have somewhat of an idea about what we would do if we were in charge-which by the way, I thank God that I’m not. It kind of makes me want to stand up on a soapbox though. Just to have somebody turn their head and listen.

I want more options. I need to know that truly worthy people will find the happiness they deserve. I want the President to realize that people singing his precious National Anthem in another language will not take away the honor of being an American. If anything, it will enhance it. The “Star Spangled Banner” means more to these people than probably half the Americans out there. There is no reason why we can’t give them a chance to sing in Spanish, sing it English and be proud that they have the option and ability to sing it in both.

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