In response to Saleem Azad’s article on Palestine, I agree with the main point (now, before I get bashed for this, let me just get it out in the open: I am a Jew). Even if this event is just propoganda for the Palestinians (which it didn’t seem like to me when I saw it), it doesn’t even serve to counter the huge amount of money and effort Israel puts into propaganda here in the U.S.

Do you realize that the U.S. is the only reason that no U.N. resolutions have passed the security council denouncing Israel? Hundreds of resolutions have passed the general assembly by margins like 184-17. Let me ask you, are there really 184 muslim “Jew-hating” countries in the world? This is why Israel puts so much effort into maintaining American support, while the majority of the world (even a majority of the democratic world) does not support most of their actions.

The real problem is the abominable treatment of the Palestinian refugees (and they are refugees) by the state of Israel. They have no army, they have no land, so the only way they can fight back is by “cowardly” terrorist attacks.

Don’t get me wrong, I support the right of the state of Israel to exist as much as anyone (and I’d elaborate more on that if I was allowed more room…), but I don’t believe that the state of siege the Palestinians currently live under can ever be condusive to a real and lasting peace.

Troy Kuersten

Aerospace engineering junior

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