Ryan Chartrand

I feel sorry for you because it appears that you have now joined the ranks of the apathetic voter. That is, you have pulled yourself from the voting process. You have chosen to not support a candidate instead of choosing to be proactive.

So you didn’t get your candidate elected in the primary? Get over it. The time is now for the Republican party to unite for the election that is coming in November.

You say that you are a conservative first? Well I am an American first and I choose to support the candidate that I think is best for the American people instead of sitting in my room pouting about how my original choice wasn’t picked. I’ve come to realize that no candidate will ever support 100 percent of my views and frequently it seems that voters must choose the “lesser of two evils.” However, given our current choices, this election doesn’t seem to be about that. This is about choosing a great man (that would be McCain) over a man who is not great and who will lead our country in the wrong direction if elected.

You see, your choice to not vote in the coming election is actually just as good as voting for Obama. If Obama wins, you will have to look yourself in the mirror every day and realize that you helped him get there by not putting your selfish grudges aside and sticking up for your fellow Americans and conservatives. Do you really think that the country would be better off with Obama over McCain? If so, by all means please go and change your voter registration and begin writing for a different column, but don’t do us the disservice of pretending that your views are actually shared by anyone else who writes for The Right Way.

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